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Scott Dunn's father says he is at peace

Scott Dunn's father Jim Dunn spoke with us on Thursday. Scott Dunn's father Jim Dunn spoke with us on Thursday.

Scott Dunn's father, Jim Dunn, wants the public to know he is at peace now that his son has been found.

Dunn went missing on May 31, 1991. In 1997, Leisha Hamilton and Tim Smith were convicted of his murder. It was the first time Lubbock County tried a case without a body.

Then, on Wednesday, authorities announced that they used dental records to identify the human remains that were found at a west Lubbock apartment complex. Dunn's father got a call Friday from the Lubbock Victim's Assistance confirming what he had been waiting two decades for.

"I got a call from Pam Alexander Friday afternoon about 11 o'clock. I just about passed out," Jim Dunn said.

Immediately, the past 21 years flashed through his mind. He says every memory and every fact was laid out like a script.

"All the lies I heard from Leisha and indirectly from Tim Smith that they had no idea where the body was and they had nothing to do with this. And all of a sudden it's totally clear that they knew all along," he said.

Dunn's father says when he was told police found the remains wrapped in a liner similar to a waterbed, he knew it was his son. That that item had been missing from Dunn's apartment.

"We were sure the body was in that, as it turned out to be," Jim Dunn said.

But the findings still left Dunn's father with questions, like how did maintenance workers find the body?

"Scott's mother did search around the apartment and they found what appeared to be a waterbed liner in the ground that's next to the apartments," he said.

While she was searching there, Jim Dunn was searching near canyons and railroads. Lubbock police were at the landfill following a tip.

"Everything kind of pointed to the garbage container that had already been picked up. Somebody had seen a bloody carpet," Jim Dunn said.

Dunn's father does not blame the police department. He says he wants to put all of that behind him.

"I don't have a problem and I don't think Scott's mother does either of what didn't happen at that time. The fact that we found the body now is the thing that matters the most to me," he said.

Jim Dunn says he is relieved by the discovery.

"It's actually a relief I don't have to wait anymore or think about this. Every day of my life it has been there on the back of my mind. It will be good to have that out," he said.

Dunn's family will receive the remains in the coming weeks. That's when they plan to have a proper burial for their son.

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