Memorial Day weekend and Hurricane Bud

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Current data indicates Hurricane Bud will have only minor affects on our South Plains weather this holiday weekend. Late Friday morning Bud is a category 2 hurricane located over the eastern Pacific off the west coast of central Mexico. Winds are favorable for bringing some of Bud's moisture over West Texas beginning today, however, that moisture will result in cloud cover and not rain.

There will be some low level moisture in the area which is not associated with Bud. That moisture will bring a chance of thunderstorms to the South Plains this weekend - and a slight chance of rain to your location. These storms will be much more likely to produce strong wind gusts than significant rains, and any storms that do form will likely be strong.

Our Memorial Day forecast includes a chance of thunderstorms - a slight chance of rain, along with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and more moderate temperatures. That is, seasonable afternoon highs. For the latest on this weekend's weather, please visit our Weather page at for our forecast. It is updated every day, and will be through this holiday weekend.

Whether rain or shine here, check out our updated First Alert Interactive Radar to track rain, storms, or snow anywhere in the US. You can zoom to street level anywhere in the US. Use the menu tabs on the right and experiment with adding various overlays to your display. For example, click on the "Weather" tab in the upper right of the radar display, then select the "Tropical" thumbnail image. Zoom out to the US by clicking "US" in the compass rose in the upper left corner of the display. Move the image around using the compass rose arrows, or just point, click, and drag with your mouse. Check out "Bud" off the west coast of Mexico. Click on the various icons, including the "Hurricane Hunter" planes, for more information.