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Children's Miracle Network: Three year old diagnosed with type A hemophilia

A three year old diagnosed with a life long illness is making the very best of each day.  Brayden Prieto was diagnosed with severe type A hemophilia at six months of age.  Brayden's parents knew something was wrong since he bruised so easily.  

Imagine, just touching Brayden to change a diaper would leave marks of finger prints on his body. Even though this three year old is faced with limitations when it comes to physical activity, he makes an effort to improvise and even hopes to play t-ball next year.

Brayden's mother, Nancy, said "With Brayden, he's very active.  He's the one who is not supposed to be jumping off of things running hard, and he's the one who does them all."  

But taking eight infusions three times a week is proof that Brayden does have to be more careful than most kids.  In fact, last week, Brayden was admitted to UMC for the 13th time…due to his uncontrollable swelling.

On Saturday during our 29th annual Children's Miracle Network telethon, we'll hear from Brayden's family first-hand about his continuing treatment.

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