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North & East Lubbock Still Moving Forward

The city's plan for growth and development in north & east Lubbock was formulated two years ago, and while there aren't any obvious changes yet, progress is being made.

Thursday morning city leaders gathered for the groundbreaking of the North University Gateway, a beautification project designed to welcome people to the area.

"It's extremely important to me because it's going to act as an attraction for folks from throughout the city to this part of town. And this part of town is just filled with wonderful people and beautiful canyon lakes and we want to welcome them," said city councilman Victor Hernandez.

John Hall, the North East Lubbock Development Executive Director says this gateway will improve the image of the area, and hopefully boost growth.

"We have a lot in store. We want to increase the housing supply and we want to increase economic activity. And I think a corridor project just like this one will help increase the economic activity because it'll be more friendly to the consumer, inviting them into the community," said Hall.

On Thursday afternoon the attention switched to East Lubbock as city leaders gathered at the T.J. Patterson Library to update the public on the status of growth in this area.

Hall says their plan is to better the quality of life. "The area is unique and rich in cultural diversity and we need to capitalize on that for the community to be vibrant as a whole. But then again, we also want to make sure we distribute wealth and we create wealth for community's that have lacked investments over decades," said Hall.

"As I go around throughout the city and talk about the North East Lubbock Development Plan, regardless of where I go it's welcome and I think everybody sees the need for this throughout the city of Lubbock," said Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal.

The master plan for development should be complete in about three months, it includes cleaning up the sub-standard housing, adding both affordable and luxury houses, and of course, bringing more businesses to the area.

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