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Family of Fallen Police Officer Can't Find His Grave

Gilbert Herrera, the son of a fallen Lubbock police officer, says his father's grave is lost, "I've got grand kids and I've got kids that don't even know where their grandfather is buried. It's kind of ridiculous."

In July, 1947, Gilbert's father, Julio Herrera, died a heroic death. In the line of duty, he was shot four times and stabbed three times by a criminal. He is honored every year by the Lubbock Police Department, but his family can't find his grave anywhere in the City of Lubbock Cemetery. Gilbert says, "They lost it. They don't' know what happened to it."

Julio Herrera worked for the City of Lubbock and lost his life for the City of Lubbock, but he couldn't have been buried just anywhere. Back then, the City of Lubbock Cemetery was separated by race. Gilbert says, "You don't die for your race, you die for your city. You represent the badge. They give us wreaths to go to the cemetery and right there it hit me, where do I take mine to?"

Gilbert has worked with members of city council to find his father's grave, but to no avail. Now all he's asking for is a plaque to remember the father he never knew. Julio died when Gilbert was just 6-months-old. Gilbert says, "When you don't have a place to come to, it's hard. There's a part that's missing in your life that you wish you could have, especially when you never had the opportunity to call someone father."

On Friday, Gilbert met with lawyers representing the families suing the city. He is considering whether or not to join the lawsuit.

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