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Families Gather as Missing Grave Sites Grow

"People are coming out of the woodwork," said Attorney Steve Claus.

Just one day after news broke of missing grave sites at the Lubbock City Cemetery, over 25 people filled the Mae Simmons center with more stories of heartache. "Who's missing?," we asked. "My grandfather," said Hortencia Gonzalez, mother of Lubbock's former interim City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, distraught over the disappearance of Pablo Minharez. "He died about 1952, 53. It still hurts. I want a place to go put flowers and to visit," she cried.

"It's just a pervasive problem," said Claus. During the hour long meeting attendees filled out forms, jotting down the last known whereabouts of their loved ones. "It saddens me to know that records are not better kept," said LISD trustee Vernita Woods-Holmes, also missing relatives. "I have grandparents that I can not locate their graves," she said.

"I'm just sorry that something like this would occur," said Lubbock City councilman Gary Boren, listening to stories, looking for solutions. "I'm sorry for the people that this happened to," he said.

So far the missing grave sites lawsuit has six plaintiffs, that number is expected to jump next week. "We'll probably be amending our petition, adding any number of plaintiffs," said Claus.

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