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Texas Water Smart coalition aims to save water and jobs


Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and city leaders announced the first of its kind campaign to encourage Texans to conserve water. 

Texas Water Smart aims to save jobs, food, landscape and money by curbing wasteful water usage.

"The Texas Water Development Board says in our state water plan in the next 50 years if we don't develop the water we need and if we don't conserve our water, we will have over a million jobs lost, over 100 billion dollars negative impact to our state's economy," Commissioner Staples said.

Despite recent rains, Lubbock, as well as many other cities across Texas, is suffering from an extreme drought.

"It's been catastrophic - over $8 billion in agriculture and forestry losses alone, so we need to remind every Texan about being Texas water smart all year long," Commissioner Staples said.

Lake Meredith reached record low levels in April and is currently unusable. Because of that Lubbock residents are under stage-two water restrictions.

"In April and May of this year we used about 22 percent less water than we used last year in the same two months," said Director of Water Resources Aubrey Spear.

Although water usage is down and Lubbock has a 100-year water supply plan, Spear says, we need to conserve to ensure that water will available in years to come. Tips for conserving water include, water in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler, check faucets for leaks and use a broom instead of your hose to clean your driveway.

"If we can delay water supply projects for 20 years, than we don't have to raise water rates in order to cover those additional water supplies. Because it takes a lot of money to bring additional water to the City of Lubbock," Spear said.

So are Lubbockites following stage two water restrictions? The City of Lubbock released these numbers. From January to May they have received 1,434 complaints, given out 158 warnings and issued 25 citations.

For more tips on how to conserve water go to http://texaswatersmart.com/

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