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The Bridge suspends free lunches

The Bridge of Lubbock will be serving its last meal this Friday. Feed the Mind has been serving hundreds of meals each week to needy families since 2002.

80 to 100 homeless, elderly and underprivileged people have been able to eat a free hot meal every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the past ten years. Ashley Osborne, Director of Operations, says their donations have significantly decreased.

"We're really upset about the decision we had to make. It took a long time to make this decision and if we could financially keep the program going, we absolutely would," Osborne said.

The Bridge of Lubbock has other outreaches, such as their Bridge to Success program that offers summer camps for kids. The board was forced to choose between the two programs.

"We are currently planning for our summer camp, so it was do we continue with the camp or do we continue to provide the meals? For us, the focus has always been on our Bridge to Success program, so it was very important to keep it going," Osborne said.

Although there are numerous programs that offer free meals, Feed the Mind is the only one in East Lubbock. Many people are regulars and rely on the three meals a week.

"It's going to be really hard for them. Where their next meal will come from, I don't know, but hopefully in the fall they will know they can come here," Osborne said. 

The program costs $70,000 a year for The Bridge of Lubbock to run. The board has stated they will only be suspending Feed the Mind through the summer if they can bring in more donations. They will need to raise $25,000 before the fall in order to open the program back up.

For more information or to donate, please call (806) 687-0772 or visit:

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