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Take the May Safety Solutions Driving Quiz

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Drunk driving accidents are responsible for more than 1,000 deaths and 25,000 injuries in Texas each year. But it's not only deadly. It's costly.

How much money do alcohol-related crashes in Texas cost the public each year?

A. One billion dollars
B. Five billion dollars
C. Over ten billion dollars

The answer is C., over ten billion dollars. DPS Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "That includes four and a half billion dollars for medical costs, lost productivity and property damage. Plus experts also put a dollar value of nearly six billion dollars on the pain, suffering and lost quality of life."

Drinking and driving also accounts for an estimated sixteen percent of all Texans' auto insurance premiums.

Despite the fact there are fewer cars on the road at night, three to four times more traffic fatalities occur at night than during the day. In many cases our vision is to blame.

Cleaning your windshield is a simple way to prepare your car for night driving.


The answer is true. Trooper Wilson says, "Experts say ninety percent of a driver's reaction time depends on vision. Anything you can do to see and be seen can be a life saver. Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are impaired after sundown so reduce your speed at night and don't follow too closely. When it comes to driving after dark, what you can't see can hurt you."

If a vehicle's oncoming headlights distract you, focus your vision ahead of your lane. You'll still see the cars around you. But the glare won't be shining in the most light sensitive part of your eyes.

Night or day, it's important to buckle up. And if you're not doing so, you'll be ticketed. The Click it or Ticket campaign starts next week. Officers tell us buckling up can prevent serious injuries in accidents like rollovers.

Pickup trucks are twice as likely as cars to roll over in a crash.


The answer is true. DPs Trooper Sparky Dean says, "Pick up trucks do have a higher rollover rate. Yet I can tell you from experience that pick up drivers are some of the worst offenders when it comes to not using safety belts."

The Click it or Ticket campaign runs May 23rd through June 6th.

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