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$30 Million Bond Passes, So, Where does the Money Go?

"Here are the projects, they're worthy projects no tax increase so vote for them," says Mike McDougal, Treasurer of the Lubbock 2004 Bond Package. That's what an overwhelming majority of Lubbock voters did. All seven of the bond package propositions passed by 61% or more.

Proposition one- Dozens of city streets will undergo improvements from new sidewalks, curbs and traffic signal. It also includes the North University Gateway project.

Proposition Two- The Civic Center and auditorium will get $6.5 million for renovations, including new seats. "Some patron was sitting in a seat that actually collapsed," says McDougal.

Proposition Three- $6 million goes to parks, including expansion to little league and soccer fields.

Proposition Four- $3.3 million for police and court facilities. The police department building downtown will be remodeled.

Proposition Five- The Mahon Library will receive more than $2 million worth of much needed improvements. "The only thing that's ever been done to this building since it opened in the mid 70s is we've gotten new carpet," says Jane Clausen, Library Director. The first drafts of a more modern facility, including a new child reading center and more computers have been completed.

Proposition Six- The fire department will get $1.4 million to renovate Fire Station 12 and replace a fire truck.

Rounding out that $32 million is proposition seven. The city's 40 year old animal shelter will get $1 million for renovations. "Whenever you're dealing with that many animals over that length of time then there's obviously going to be some issues that need to be addressed," says Jamey Cantrell of the Lubbock Animal Shelter. Adding more cages and an adoption center are in the works.

The bond election committee does not know when these improvements go into effect. But all of them will be completed in six years.

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