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Back Pain for New Moms

Many new moms suffer from back pain, not just from carrying so much weight during pregnancy, but after the baby's born. They're carrying the baby and all sorts of baby equipment, and sometimes, the back pain just gets worse as more babies come along later.

"The hormones that are released during childbirth, in able to permit the baby to come out, relax the muscles. They relax the ligaments and they also relax the spine, too. You want to lift with the arms in close. You don't want to be lifting with the arms extended, it makes a bigger lever arm, and a light baby with a long lever arm can be equal to a very heavy baby," says Dr. Andrew Casden, Ob-Gyn.

Dr. Casden also says there are some things moms should do to lessen the stress on the back. Remember legs are stronger than backs. Remove the high chair tray and lower the crib rail before taking baby out. Climb into the car, kneel on the floor, when putting baby into the car seat.

And of course, if back pain persists, you may want to have it checked by a doctor to make sure it's not a herniated disk.

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