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Air Travel on the Rise at LIA

Traffic is up 18% from this time last year at Lubbock International Airport. Airport officials say it's only going to get busier as people embark on their summer vacations and they're asking you to do a few things to make your visit to LIA run smoothly.

They are asking passengers get to the airport at least an hour and a half before their flight leaves, make it an hour and 45 minutes if you have luggage to check. Also, plan ahead. Leave jewelry in your carry-on to speed up the screening process, and have computers out and jackets off ready to be checked.

Also remember, carry-ons are limited. TSA Federal Security Director, Jim Holden, says, "They're only supposed to carry one plus one plus one through the checkpoint. That means one carry-on item, plus a personal item and then if they have a camera, a camera bag and we're really asking regulatory people to enforce that this summer."

Holden says they're seeing record numbers of women coming to the airport with pepper spray. He reminds everyone pepper spray is not allowed in the secure area or on the plane. Also, people often forget about pocket knives and those aren't allowed either.

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