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The Load N Cut Part Two: Does It Work?

Remember about three weeks ago we tested the Load N Cut, we went through four weed eaters and we still could not do our test. Well, one of those weed eaters did not start because it was out of gas and it was the only weed eater the Load N Cut fit. So, it is only fair to give the Load N Cut a second shot.

The Load N Cut: Does It Work?
Weed eaters have weed tearing threads that seem to never be durable enough to cut through the toughest weeds. The Load N Cut claims to be strong enough to cut bushes, but Does It Work?

This is the newest Load N Cut model we were personally given by the inventor, George Alliss. He says this Load N Cut primarily fits gas powered weed eaters. We found Juan Atencio with Ram Enterprises to help us this week.

He knows a thing or two about weed eaters. "It's an Echo 260S gas powered," said Atencio.

And within minutes, Juan had the Load N Cut installed. He started it up and went to work. Juan had no problem weed eating or edging with the Load N Cut. In fact, he liked it. "See, a lot of time we edge with them (weed eaters) and look, only maybe an eighth of it is gone. Or a 16th of an inch," noticed Atencio. "So you're right, it will last longer," he added.

And this is the reason why. The threads are thick and more durable than the average thread.

"About four years ago, I wanted to invent something for, not only the commercial user, but home users as well, an attachment with a thread that would last longer," said George Alliss, Inventor of the Load N Cut. George who used to be a professional lawn care maintenance man.

We're certainly impressed by this product, we think the Load N Cut works just fine.

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