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Former LPD officer speaks out about officer training


Days after a Lubbock Police officer shot and killed a man threatening them with a knife, many are questioning the training these officers endure.

Randy Robertson is a former LPD officer and the Director of Training for the South Plains College Police Academy. He believes Officer Norris Roberson made the right choice under pressure.

"The only thing that police officers are allowed to do is stop the threat, so you shoot to stop the threat. If you feel like your life or a third parties life is in danger, then you're allowed to use your weapon to stop that threat," Robertson said.

Robertson trains his students at South Plains College to be prepared for every possible situation.

"You have to be prepared for the worst and you have to be capable of using deadly force. We put our students through a lot of scenario situations. We try to put them in as many stressful situations in a training setting as we possibly can. The more we do that, the better they are prepared to deal with the situation," Robertson said.

He believes that no officer wants to kill, however, sometimes it's their only option.

"There's sometimes that you have to go immediately with deadly force because that's just what you're confronted with," Robertson said.

However, why not use less deadly options? Robertson says in situations like this, there may not have been time.

"The canine, the taser, all these are less lethal responses and if they are capable of using them, of course a police officer is going to try to do that in most cases," Robertson said.

Luckily, Robertson says he has never been in a situation where he has had to use deadly force.

"I've been fortunate where I've never had to, but the officers that have, it's a very serious thing, it's not something we take lightly," Robertson said.

He's also very confident in the training these men and women endure.

"I know LPD puts them through a tremendous amount of training and tries to prepare them as well as they can for a situation, but when it come right down to it, you deal with what's in front of you at that instance and hopefully you make the right decision," Robertson said.

Overall, Robertson believes that this officer had no other choice in the late hours of Monday night. Office Norris Roberson has been placed on paid administrative leave; however, officials say that is typical protocol in situations like this.

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