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Man shot by police had criminal record, troubled past

Anthony Nichols (Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office) Anthony Nichols (Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office)

The man shot and killed by police on Monday had a past littered with criminal behavior, including threats to kill himself and others.

32-year-old Anthony Nichols called 911 threatening to shoot a gun in the neighborhood near Preston Smith Elementary on 87th Street and Dover. After taunting police in the 911 call, Nichols charged at the officers with a knife.

Officer Norris Roberson fired three shots, killing Nichols.

Monday night was just one of many run-ins with police, beginning as early as 2004. Records show Nichols was arrested in November of 2004 for driving while intoxicated. That DWI was dismissed but several years later Nichols was arrested a second time.

This arrest was for domestic assault on his common law wife. The records state on March 3, 2010, Nichols elbowed his common law wife in the face, and threatened that if he couldn't kill her he would kill her children so she would have to suffer.

Nichols was convicted, given two days in jail and a court fine.

Less than a year later, on December 19th, 2010 Nichols was arrested for criminal trespassing in the home of that same victim. She told police that she and Nichols had broken up after the domestic assault. Living in a new home, she kept telling Nichols she wanted nothing to do with him. On the 19th, she called police, saying he had broken into her home and was lying in her bed.

Nichols was arrested, but this charge was dismissed because the very next day, he was arrested for a second DWI.

The police report says Nichols was intoxicated and hit a parked car. Witnesses saw Nichols hit another car and a tree before hitting the parked one. He was convicted for the second DWI, but was only sentenced to three days in jail and 18 months probation.

The very next year he violated his probation. On December 9th, 2011, he was arrested for assault on a public servant. The arrest warrant says he kicked a Lubbock police officer and threatened to harm another in retaliation.

Those documents are still sealed. Nichols was set to go before a judge next month for plea negotiations.

Then, just four days before he was shot and killed, police arrested Nichols for a sixth time. On June 14th, a police report states Nichols once again assaulted his ex-common law wife. She told police Nichols held a knife at her throat, cut her arms and legs, and told her he was going to kill her and himself before the night was over.

And finally, on Monday night, Nichols issued threats and charged at police with a knife.

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