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City of Lubbock Discovers Misplaced Ballots in City Elections

On Saturday, 1,471 people cast ballots for the District 2 City Council race. But the city election office discovered 130 of them were unaccounted for from two precincts.

"Some of the transfer cases we're using are old ballot boxes in this case that's what it was. It is very confusing to the judges," says City Secretary, Rebecca Garza.

Instead of putting votes into ballot boxes, votes from two locations were placed in transfer cases, that's where blank ballots are normally kept.

Garza says it was an honest mistake the city caught quickly. "We checked with the Secretary of State's office and they were the ones that said would it be in the transfer case we have not opened them because those are sealed. They asked us to open them, we opened and the ballots were in there."

After obtaining a court order the city counted the ballots on Thursday. The new count shows T.J. Patterson with 43% of the vote and Floyd Price with 27%, the same results as Saturday. The number of votes did change however, Saturday Patterson received 571 votes, Price received 359 votes. When adding the misplaced votes to those totals, Patterson comes out with 631 votes and price with 402 votes. Both Price and Patterson remain confident in the voting system and want you to know your vote will count in the run-off.

"Those mix ups can happen and the votes are gonna be counted anyway and so I don't want people to think that because of that happening well I'm not gonna vote because they're not gonna count my vote, yes they will count your vote," says Price.

Patterson was unavailable for an on-camera interview but issued a written statement saying quote: "I believe strongly that is our duty and our responsibility to vote. While I'm disappointed there was an issue with ballots from the recent election, I am proud the problem has been identified and is being resolved."

City Runoff Election Rescheduled for June 26th
Due to various Juneteenth celebrations scheduled for June 19, the City of Lubbock has moved its runoff election for City Council District 2 to Saturday, June 26. Click here to see the places where you can vote.

The run off election between Patterson and Price is set for June 26th. Early voting for that race is June 9th through the 22nd.

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