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Treating Ankle Sprains

It's not unusual for kids to play hard and end up with an ankle injury. In our segment HealthWise at Five on Thursday, Dr. Ken Stephenson, an Orthopedic Surgeon, said sprains in children are a little different than in adults.

Also, Dr. Stephenson says remember the word RICE when you're treating a sprain at home.

R... is for REST. No strenuous activity for a couple of days.
I... is for ICE. Put an ice pack over the injury for about 30 minutes several times a day.
C... is for COMPRESSION. Use an ace wrap to limit movement for a while.
E... is for ELEVATION. The injury needs to be resting higher than the level of your heart.

Dr. Stephenson also says that if the pain is severe or lasts more than two or three days, then you need to see a doctor.

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