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Making Sure Lubbock City Pools are Safe for Swimmers

Armed with a little blue test kit, Linda Waite, City pool inspector is making last minute checks to the Montelongo pool. Among a long list of checks and balances, she takes a sample from the pool to make sure the water is safe.

"We look to make sure the water chemistry is correctly balanced," says Waite.

She measures the levels of ph and chlorine. Two important tests to ensure the water is free from harmful germs. "So we don't have to worry about bacterial growth or microorganisms in the water that can cause diseases or skin irritations," says Waite. Because the water chemistry can change often, lifeguards are also trained to monitor the water chemistry every two hours.

Inspectors like Waite also make sure each pool keeps careful records of each check. "The lifeguards keep a long of those readings to make sure they have corrected any problems that have occurred," says Waite.

And aside from water quality. "We also check for safety equipment," says Waite.

From signs, first aid kits, and emergency telephones, there are more than a dozen safety devices inspectors look for at each location. And you may have heard a chlorine smell at the pool means it's sanitary. Waite says this is a common misconception.

"When you have a chlorine smell in the pool that usually means that you have, you're low on chlorine because what we call the by products that result from a lack of chlorine produce the odor that are commonly thought of to be too much chlorine," says Waite.

In addition to being clean the city pools are carefully supervised by several certified lifeguards at all times.

For pool locations and times of operation you can ( click here).

Admission to the city pools is a $1.50 for children 17 and under. And $2 for adults. Group rates are also available.

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