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Grieving Mother Finds Comfort in Power of Prayer

Losing a child when you least expect it. It's a parent's worst nightmare. But for Marcia Powe, the nightmare began when she woke up. Next month, a Shallowater mother will mark the two year anniversary of her son's death, and it's prayer that Marica Powe says helps make the grieving process bearable.

24 year-old Casey Powe, a true modern day cowboy, grew up in the small farm community of Shallowater, Texas.

"He's the type of person who would've given you the shirt off of his back if you really needed it. He was a caring, loving person," says Marcia Powe, Casey's mother.

She says it was this caring nature that drove him to take a job doing what he loved most, working on a ranch near Slaton.

"It was June 23, 2002, and it's one of those knocks you don't want to get at your door."

On that summer night, Marcia says she went to the door with an uneasy feeling.

"The local police came and told us, and he told us we needed to go to the hospital, but we found out after we got there that nobody goes to the hospital to the morgue," says Marcia.

For a moment, she thought she would wake up from this terrible nightmare, but soon, reality set in. Police told Marcia her youngest son, Casey, had just been in an accident.

'The medical examiner had been out to the accident because he was pronounced dead at the scene," says Marcia.

Casey was driving to the ranch on a county road near Slaton when he lost control of his pick up truck rolling it several times. For Marcia, she says the pain of losing her beloved son was unbearable.

"Especially being a mother. They were part of you before they came, just really close," says Marcia.

And not having the chance to say goodbye was even more difficult.

"It's not the order of nature. Your children should bury you, not you bury your children, but I accept it because I know it's God's will," says Marcia.

Weeks after the accident, Marcia's pain and grief didn't subside, it became overwhelming.

"I thought if I'd done this or that I could've prevented it from happening," says Marcia.

Then one month and dozens of prayers later, Marcia says God spoke to her in a dream.

"He said I know how bad you're hurting and he said I am not going to leave or forsake you, and I'm gonna be here for you and I hurt just as bad over this as you do. Then, he said there was nothing you could've done because it was my plan to take Casey back to heaven with me," says Marcia.

And it was then that sadness and grief started to fade. Instead, a new seed of faith in the Power of Prayer was planted in her heart.

"It gave me an inner peace I hadn't felt since we lost him, and it's drawn me closer to God. This is the closest I've ever felt, but I know it was prayers not only that time, but many people were praying for us," says Marcia.

But living each day without Casey is hard.

"Daily things happen or birthdays, or Christmas and Easter was hard. You just miss them, but you know they're in a better place than you are," says Marcia.

But she takes comfort in the Power of Prayer and knowing her handsome cowboy is looking down on his mother as he rides through God's prairie.

"I just think prayer is the most awesome thing."

"I did learn that from God that you have no control over your life or anybody else's. You've just gotta put yourselves in God's hands, and I put Casey in God's hands a long time ago," says Marcia.

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