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Hundreds Join in the Search for Joanna

Volunteers from agencies and communities across Texas joined in the search for 16 year-old Joanna Rogers on Saturday. Rogers has been missing for almost three weeks now, and Saturday, the search broadened from just authorities, as volunteers walked the area in a 10 mile radius of the girl's home looking for clues.

More than 500 people showed up by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday to assist in the search for missing teen Joanna Rogers. Volunteers of all ages from near and far came to do their part.

"To do anything we can to help out Joanna's family. I go to school with her. We're in theater together and I miss her very much," said Bethany Young.

"We just feel such a connection, with Bethany being her friend, we feel like we need to do something to help the family out," said Veronica Young, volunteer.

"It's pretty scary not to know why she's missing, and to have a child gone at all, it's just something that makes you feel like you want to do all you can," said Shannon Young, volunteer.

Families like the Young's poured in. They were trained on search techniques then assigned to a team to comb the area.

"We just asked for volunteers and they keep pouring in. It's just tremendous to see the compassion that people have to want to help," said Lt. Cody Scott, LSO.

Lt. Cody Scott says this is still a missing person search, and volunteers are looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"We're hoping to find anything that will lead us to Joanna. And if worse comes to worse, it will just be there's no clues," said Kathy Rogers, Joanna's mom.

"I hope we find her alive, but I just want to find her," said Joe Bill Rogers, Joanna's dad.

As do the hundreds that came out to help, with no intention of leaving until Joanna is found.

The search for Joanna continues on Sunday. If you would like to help, just show up at the command center at 1201 84th St. They will start at 9:00 a.m., but they will take volunteers any time of the day.

Joanna is 5' 5" tall, weighs about 125 pounds, and has red hair and hazel eyes. There is a $15,000 reward for information leading to her safe return.

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