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Consider This...A sovereign state must have the power to enforce the law

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to narrow the focus on Arizona's new immigration law really settled nothing.

The court upheld the controversial "show me your papers" provision, but they shot down virtually everything else. 

But my problem isn't with the Supreme Court's opinion on immigration. My problem is that the Supreme Court was involved in the first place.

Consider this:

One of the few powers the 10th amendment gave the federal government was to establish citizenship laws and enforce them. So when Congress failed to do that, Arizona dealt with it themselves.

Only to have the same government, that refused to do it's job, force the courts to interfere.   

Folks, that is a direct insult to the U.S. Constitution. Our forefathers were very clear about letting state's govern themselves. It's called sovereignty.

You have a problem that is out of control, laws not being enforced, and a state that had had enough. And the feds have the nerve to cry, "Wait, that's our job…"

Seems to me Washington is full of people who create problems and punish problem solvers.

Bottom line: the states have every right to pass decisive laws to secure their own borders, especially when Washington politicians spend more time getting re-elected than doing the job they were elected to do. 

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