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Motorcycle Riders Rev Up For Safety

These riders are in training, learning how to ride motorcycles safely. They're taking a 15 hour course, designed to teach them how to handle their motorcycle safely. How to ride properly and how to share the roadway with other drivers.

John Rische is a Rider Coach, trained to teach riders the Texas Department of Public Safety Basic and Advanced Motorcycle Operator Training Courses. "The course is actually designed for folks who've never ridden a motorcycle before but it's certainly challenging enough for those who have."

The two to three day course takes riders from the classroom to the runways at Reese Technology Center. The course satisfies the driving portion of the Texas Motorcycle Licensing Exam and offers a break on insurance premiums.

While riders are encouraged to wear their helmets for safety, they're not legally required to do so. Rische says, "In Texas, we have a modified helmet law where you can prove you have $10,000 worth of insurance or if you've taken this course, you can get a sticker for your motorcycle that shows you don't have to wear one." However, the course does stress protective gear, requiring its riders to wear helmets, long pants, long sleeves, eye gear and ankle boots.

"When you get through with this class, you'll have an understanding of the basics of motorcycling but also what we want to do is show people, the risks of riding motorcycles and show them how to minimize those risks." Part of that risk is sharing the road with other drivers, asking the motorcycle riders to keep visible. "Visibility is what we try to stress in this course. See and be seen." A motorcycle occupies four feet of a twelve foot lane in traffic. But automobile drivers need to understand, motorcycle riders still use that entire lane of traffic, just not all at the same time.

"I ask people please be aware motorcycles are out there and sharing the road with you. Safety Solutions to keep both motorcycle riders and automobile drivers safe on the roadways.

To register for the training course you can call 1-800-292-5787 or ( click here ).

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