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New Therapies Hope to Curb Appetite

Scientists are studying a menu of new therapies they hope will help curb the country's appetite. First, Botox the prescription made famous for relaxing wrinkles is now being injected into stomach muscles to see if the toxin can help people feel full. It's experimental at Duke University and a handful of other clinics, but researchers are hoping it will offer patients an option to gastric bypass surgery.

Another new study getting attention is an experimental drug that appears to fight two addictions at once eating and smoking. It's called Rimonabant.

"Right now, we have very good information to suggest that not only does the drug enhance weight loss in average of about 20 pounds over a 12 month period of time, and that it doubles the success at stopping smoking for patients," says Dr. Steven Nissen, cardiologist, Cleveland Clinic.

Cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen also says that Rimonabant could end up playing a big role in the prevention of heart disease, since obesity and smoking are two major risk factors.

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