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Levelland woman meets brother after lifetime apart


Lori Mcinturff's heart raced as she waited to meet her brother for the first time on Saturday night.

"I thought I was handling this really well, but I'm getting really nervous now," Mcinturff said.  

The 54-Year old Levelland resident found her brother Matt Beaumont living in Canada on Craigslist two months ago. Mcinturff didn't even know she had a brother until another relative told her he was living in Canada.

"It's still sort of surreal for me, until he walks through those doors and we see each other for the first time," Mcinturff said.

Mcinturff randomly chose British Columbia as the city and posted an ad looking for a Matt Beaumont. Just two hours later, Beaumont responded. The siblings have spent the past two months getting to know each other via Skype.

"We know each other pretty well from talking and everything, but seeing his face for the first time and hugging him is a whole other thing," Mcinturff said.

Finally, on Saturday night, Beaumont flew in to Lubbock. The two ran to embrace each other after a lifetime of being apart.

"We landed and it was just, oh my goodness, I couldn't get off the place fast enough, people weren't moving fast enough for me and I just wanted to yell out 'hurry I've got a sister to meet," Beaumont said.

The siblings had noticed the resemblance they shared over Skype, but in person it was striking.

"It's even better, she looked even more like me than I thought she would," Beaumont said.

Tears of joy seemed to be the only necessity as they both agreed they had found the missing piece.

"These are the most tears I've shed in quite a while and we've shed a lot in the last two months talking," Beaumont said.

"This really is a God thing... The hole in my soul is filled. I'm complete, I feel complete," Mcinturff said.

Beaumont is staying with his sister for a week and will be back for Christmas. They are discussing a move in the future to be closer together.

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