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Journey of Hope bike ride travels through Lubbock

They're pedaling for 60 days and 4,000 miles across America in hopes of raising money and bringing awareness to people with disabilities.

The Journey of Hope bike ride road into the Hub City this weekend. The group is made up of Pi Kappa Phi chapter members from across the county.

The bike ride spans from Long Beach, California to Washington DC. They ride about 80 miles a day and set up friendship visits on their way.

Sunday they stopped at the Lubbock State Supported Living Center.

"That's where we get to interact with these people that we've given grants to personally - like $1,000 checks. We set up carnivals, opportunities, anything like that. We luckily get to go one on one with these people, meet them, talk to them. They serve us food, and we get to play with them; it's just a great great experience," rider Davis Browning said.

There are 90 riders on three different routes. Each participants must raise $5,500 before they can join the ride.

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