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Consider This...Obamacare argument would have made it unconstitutional

A few days have passed, but the big Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is still a talker and it's not likely to go away anytime soon.

People ask me what I think and one word comes to mind. Irony.

You see, the Obama administration sold their healthcare reform on the argument that requiring Americans to buy health insurance wasn't a tax.

Well, the Supreme Court said that it was a tax. In fact, they said because it was a tax, it was allowed.

Consider this:

It's unbelievably ironic and equally unfortunate that the same argument that helped get Obamacare through Congress would have actually made it unconstitutional.

But Obama knew he couldn't sell a tax increase, so he said whatever he had to say. He said to Congress, since this is not a tax, you can vote for it.

Congress bought it, and now we are stuck with this new "tax" that unfortunately will grow and strengthen the role of government in our daily lives.  

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