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HealthWise at 5 From 5.26

  • Male Breast Cancer

More men are getting breast cancer than ever before. That's according to a new study, the largest of its kind. Researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center analyzed 25 years of data including more than 2,500 cases of male breast cancer and nearly 400,000 cases of female breast cancer. And they found the breast tumors in men were usually bigger than the cancers found in women and also that the men who were diagnosed were typically older than women facing breast cancer. While male breast cancer is still rare, researchers say its important for men and their doctors to be aware of the possibility for that disease and to check any and all suspicious breast lumps.

  • Obese Mammograms

New concerns about how obesity impacts breast health. A new study finds women who are obese are 20% more likely than their normal weight peers to receive a false positive result from a mammogram. Researchers studied more than 100,000 mammograms. They found that even being overweight, not obese - just overweight increased the likelihood of a false positive. Researchers note that mammograms are still very effective in finding cancer no matter what a woman's size but that the heavier a women was, the more she risked a higher rate of false positives. The study is published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

  • Pregnant Asthma

Pregnant women who have asthma may experience symptoms differently depending on whether they are carrying a boy or girl. A new study of 151 pregnant women found those with asthma who were carrying girls had more severe symptoms and required more medication than those with asthma who were pregnant with boys. Specifically, only 28% of the women carrying girls reported being symptom free by the 30th week of pregnancy while 60% of the women carrying boys were symptom free throughout their entire pregnancy.

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