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Governor Perry rejects Obamacare for Texans


Governor Rick Perry released a statement this morning saying that Texas will not expand Medicaid as a part of the Affordable Care Act.

Perry said in the statement, "If anyone was in doubt, we in Texas have no intention to implement so-called state exchanges or to expand Medicaid under Obamacare."

Locally this means that UMC and Lubbock County tax payers will have to foot the 70 million dollar a year bill that pays for uninsured care.

The current UMC tax is only four percent, the lowest amongst counties with a hospital district in the state of Texas. The current tax accounts for around 18 million dollars for UMC, leaving the hospital to cover the remaining 52 million dollars.

County Commissioner Bill McCay feels there is still a lot to sort out, "We're just trying to read and understand this complicated issue and trying to see how it's going to impact Lubbock County employees as well as the citizens."

Governor Perry has talked about a health care alternative that would, "reinforce individual responsibility, control costs, focus on quality health and allow co-pays or cost sharing to apply to all Medicaid eligible groups," but as of right now nothing has been proposed to be voted on in Austin.

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