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The Meatball Magic: Does It Work?

If you're a meatball fan but hate to roll them, don't worry, because a product called the Meatball Magic claims it can roll nine meatballs in seconds. This product costs about $17, but Does It Work?

"We'll take out the ground beef. The instructions say to spread it out," said NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy. The Meatball Magic has nine perfectly square slots. "You take the Meatball Magic and press it down on the meat," she said. Then you rotate it until you have your meatballs.

It took about 25 seconds to roll those nine meatballs. But is the Meatball Magic really saving you time? NewsChannel 11 tried rolling the meat by hand to see if there was a difference. "That's five meatballs and it's been 25 seconds. It does save time!"

Is the Meatball Magic worth it? I think so, because it works!

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