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Cadaver Dogs Join the Search for Joanna

Her name is Shadow. A Siberian Husky trained to search out the missing - alive or dead. "What we're doing is eliminating places," said Captain Bill Drewell of the Lubbock Sheriff's Department.

On Wednesday, Shadow was helping the sheriff's department search through cars at a towing yard. "What we're doing is going to some of the areas that we didn't get to search over the weekend," said Drewell.

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Over the weekend, 700 volunteers searched a 10 mile radius around the home of Joanna Rogers. With nothing found, the net was cast wider, utilizing the specialized talents of cadaver dogs to narrow the focus. "We have a thousand square miles here. We don't have a general area. So we're just trying to cover everything we can," said Drewell.

Forty officers fanned out across the county, but nothing new. There is still optimism, but there is also a very real gravity, an unspoken fear exemplified by shadow's occupation - cadaver dog. "The question's been asked, 'Are we looking for a body?,' We're looking for a person. We're optimistic, we have hopes, we gotta keep our hopes up. We're trying to find Joanna Rogers."

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