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Consider This: Stop illegal immigration at the source

We're learning that the federal government is going to close certain offices of the Border Patrol including Lubbock and Amarillo. These agents are not losing their jobs. Instead, they're being re-assigned closer to the Mexican border.  

By the way, the Mexican border is a six-hour drive from Lubbock. 

So why do we have Border Patrol here in the first place?  Well, let's say for example Lubbock Police make a traffic stop and they find folks in the car who came here illegally. Lubbock Police cannot enforce federal immigration law so they call the Border Patrol. 

Consider This:

I think this move is a step in the right direction. It makes perfect sense to move Border Patrol agents to the problem instead of waiting for the problem to get here.

In fact, I'm not sure we wouldn't just send all of our Border Patrol resources to the border. Police can deal with illegals that are already here after they stop the border leak. We live in a time when so many federal government decisions make no sense. This one does. Put the border patrol on the border and stop illegal immigration right at the source. 

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