Tech season ticket holders receive face-to-face surprise

The Needham family posing for pictures with Eric Ward(left) and Austin Zouzalik(right)
The Needham family posing for pictures with Eric Ward(left) and Austin Zouzalik(right)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Several Texas Tech football season ticket holders got a surprise when they opened their door Tuesday. Current players went door-to-door to meet their fans as part of a Texas Tech promotion around the Lubbock area.

"I was pretty shocked," said season ticket holder Kristin Needham. "I was just expecting a couple people to come over and ask us some questions...[the players coming to the door] was pretty awesome."

The promotion was a 'thank you' to ticket holders who helped sell more season tickets than at this point last year.

"I just can't wait [for the season]," said Needham, a fan since 2000. "We tailgate and have a lot of fun, then go to the's just lots of fun."

Not only was it a thrill for the fans on the receiving end, the players also had fun finally meeting some of their most loyal fans face to face.

"I thought it was pretty cool, especially being from Lubbock," said Texas Tech wide receiver Austin Zouzalik. "We don't always get to see all the people who have season tickets...cheering for us, and it's kind of nice to get out here and see the surprise on their face."

Season ticket holders have plenty to be excited about this year at Jones AT&T Stadium: West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Texas are coming to Lubbock as part of the Red Raider's home schedule.

"Everyone gets just a little more excited when they know the stadium is full," said the former Coronado wideout. "Everyone gets pumped, especially those big games selling out."

"Sometimes we lose sight of what Tech football means to this community," said Zouzalik. "You can see it on their faces...these people know everything about [Tech football] and it's just cool to come out here and see everybody."

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