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Petition could allow alcohol sale vote in Crosby County


Crosby County has never allowed the sale of alcohol, but a controversial petition that has been circulating around the county, aims to change that. Life long Crosbyton resident, Erica Hitt, has formed a petition, hoping to have the option on the November ballot.

"We're the one of the few counties that haven't approached this," Hitt said.

In order to vote on whether to sell alcohol in Crosby County, Hitt must receive 424 signatures from registered voters. So far she has received about half that number. She started the petition in late June, and is hoping to see the measure to allow the sale of both packaged and consumed alcohol on the November ballot. In order to do that, she must receive all of the necessary votes by August 6th.

"The positives to me, is the tax revenue we're going to keep in our county," Hitt said.

Hitt isn't the only resident who believes the sale of alcohol could greatly benefit the economy of Crosby County. Crosbyton resident Rosalio Hernandez believes it could be a great revenue generator.

"We're right dead center of wet counties and I'm getting tired of paying the extra taxes for other counties when I'd rather keep them here," Hernandez said.

Ralls resident Lucio Zermeno agrees with Hitt and Hernandez.

"It would generate some tax revenue in this county and all three communities; Lorenzo, Ralls and Crosbyton. I'm all for it," Zermeno said.

The issue has not been on a ballot in Crosby county for many decades. The last time it was voted on, was back in the 1930s, and the measure failed. Crosbyton resident Ruben Fuentes hopes it fails again this year.

"I don't think it's a good idea to have alcohol sales," Fuentes said. "Revenue sales, it would help, but I don't think it would go up as much as it is now."

While opinions are mixed, Hitt says she is committed to trying to keeping every tax dollar in the county.

For more information on the petition, contact Hill at (806) 241-4508.

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