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Debate Over Your Nail Polish

Can your nail polish cause birth defects? The idea at least is sparking an industry wide debate over a common chemical known as DBP.

Most nail polishes contain DBP because it's what helps prevent chipping. But now, at least two major cosmetic firms are eliminating DBP. From their polish formulas, because lab experiments have linked the chemical to birth defects. But before you throw away all your polish, researchers at Mt. Sinai Medical Center say the animals in those tests were subjected to very high doses.

"The studies gave them 100mg per kilogram per day. That's of a magnitude much greater than anyone would have exposure to in the course of daily living using nail polish. They were also fed it," explains Dr. Jacqueline Monline.

As yet, there have been no studies on humans so the potential threat to women who regularly use nail polish is really unclear. Even so, polishes by Procter and Gamble, Estee Lauder, and Urban Decay are phasing out the ingredient.

Meanwhile, the cosmetics toiletry and fragrance association says DBP presents no health risk claiming this whole thing is more of a political issue than science. While people like Dr. Monline argue that we should be informed about the potential risk of birth defects just not alarmed.

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