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HealthWise at 5 From 5.28

  • Appendix Test

Appendicitis can masquerade as other problems, but a non-invasive test may one day confirm the condition soon after you feel sick. The Appytest from DMI Biosciences checks for a compound in urine that indicates inflammation in the appendix. The company says the easy-to-do and read test can confirm appendicitis very early after the onset of symptoms. It should be used in conjunction with a blood test that checks for white blood cells. United Kingdom hospitals will get the test first before it's offered on this side of the Atlantic.

  • Alternative-Meds

More than a third of adult Americans are using some sort of alternative medicine. The CDC survey also finds that figure nearly doubles if you consider prayer an alternative medicine. The CDC surveyed nearly 31,000 people and determined that alternative therapies are most often used to treat back pain, colds, neck pain, joint pain and anxiety or depression. But one out of five adults said they used natural products like herbs while almost half said they simple pray for their health.

  • Krispy Kreme

A popular doughnut maker is taking the low carb diet craze to heart. Krispy Kreme says it's preparing to adapt to the new diet trend by offering low-sugar doughnuts and frozen drinks on the side. Of course you can still get the original pastries just the way America likes them. But Krispy Kreme decided to provide a little healthier alternative after losing $24 million in its first quarter and blaming that on the consumer frenzy over low carb diets.

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