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Consider This...Your thoughts on LP&L

Last week I said Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson's plan to examine LP&L rates after the summer makes more sense than raising rates now. I added LP&L should be giving all profits back to the rate payers. Plain and simple.

Well, the feedback I received was loud and clear. Here's what some of you had to say:

Julie writes: "I don't know what they're doing over there but something is wrong! My electric bill in the summer has never been more than $180.00. I have lived in the same apartment for two years and I haven't changed anything. I got my bill this month and it was $333.00. I had them come out and do a re-read and of course they said it was right! Ridiculous !

Joseph says: "LP&L rates are sky hi!!!! We can barely afford to eat much less have to pay a 400 dollar bill. Rates need to be lowered soon please!!!!

Brandy commented on Facebook saying: "I don't see how with all the extra fees they charge like $30 to make arrangements on your bill. They need to learn how to manage their money. Getting fed up paying all this money! My bill is $477 i can't afford to pay anymore."

Finally, Sandra's opinion: "I don't support a raise!! How many times are they going to go up?? We are stuck since they are the only one in Lubbock!

Consider this:

I will remind folks that LP&L doesn't set the fees and rates on your bill. City hall politicians do. And it's the slow and steady creeping of the fees, not the electricity rate, that has given us what we've got. Angry customers.  

Remember, we might not have a choice for electric providers anymore, but we sure do have a choice in the people controling the bill. Let's hope they do the right thing. 

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