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A disturbing ingredient found in airline sandwiches

Officials have traced the source of a strange and disturbing discovery on four flights....needles in some sandwiches give to passengers.   On one flight to Minneapolis another to Seattle and two to Atlanta. Several inch long needles were found in turkey sandwiches served to three passengers and an Air Marshall.  

"When I bit into it, it was like something jabbed me in the top of my mouth. My first impression was, it was like a club sandwich, maybe there was a toothpick in it, that type of thing. That was my first impression."

Investigators now say the sandwiches were contaminated when they were prepared for food service in Amsterdam.  The man who bit into the needle was advised to take the anti-aids drug Truvada as a precaution, in case the needles were contaminated.

Delta is apparently the only airline affected. The mystery now is who did this...and why?

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