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Chilling 911 call reveals details of doctor's murder


A chilling 911 call from Dr. Joseph Sonnier's landscaper is revealing new details about his murder. The call was made from a cell phone in the backyard of Dr. Sonnier's house in the 4600 block of 21st Street, last Wednesday afternoon. Two of Sonnier's landscapers went there, looking for the doctor, when they learned he never showed up for work.

"Someone has broken a window in the back and the doctor did not show up to work today! Um... There's a bullet that was lying on the ground," the landscaper told the dispatcher.

During the 911 call, the terror can be heard in the female landscaper's voice as she tried to explain to the dispatcher what she saw.

"We just walked in the back to see if we could find the doctor and saw that somebody had broken in.. in the back. They've broken the whole window out," the landscaper said.

As the landscaper spoke with the dispatcher on the phone, a co-worker went inside the house to try and find the doctor. Moments later, the co-worker came outside and indicated that they had found Dr. Sonnier's body. He had been shot to death inside his dining room. At that point, the landscaper on the phone began to scream and cry as she pleaded for help to the dispatcher.

"Oh, no! He's not okay," the landscaper said.

The dispatcher asked the landscaper what she saw, and the landscaper said she need police to hurry to the scene.

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