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Governor Endorses Truth in Taxation

"The people of Lubbock are some of the most fortunate taxpayers in all of Texas," said Governor Rick Perry, giving a pat on the back to the Lubbock city council. Applauding efforts to offset rising appraisals with cuts in property taxes. "There's a lot of common sense in these prairie communities like Lubbock," he said.

"Yeah, I'm glad he's here," said Mayor Marc McDougal, highlighting the truth in taxation plan which drew Austin's attention. "This past year the city of Lubbock lowered property taxes by 2.43 cents to offset reevaluations - the only city in the state to do so," he said.

"There are ways to appraise, and there are ways to appraise," said Councilman Tom Martin, anything but shy when describing Lubbock's appraisal system. "They call it mass appraisal and it's kind of like mass casualties after they drop a weapon of mass destruction, it knocks everybody to the ground," he said.

The vigor behind truth in taxation. A Lubbock plan embraced by the lone star governor. "I think he's so enthused about it that's going to be his recommendation all around the state," said rep. Delwin Jones.

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