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Republicans battle for U.S. Senate seat

Ted Cruz (Source: Wikipedia) Ted Cruz (Source: Wikipedia)
David Dewhurst (Wikipedia) David Dewhurst (Wikipedia)

Most voters have already seen the political attack ads between Lt.Gov. David Dewhurst and former Solicitor General Ted Cruz.

In each ad, Cruz's campaign ads call Dewhurst a "moderate."

Dewhurst says there is no way a "moderate" Lt. Gov. could be serving for one of the most conservative states.

"I think Mr. Cruz labels me as a moderate because he has no record," Dewhurst said. "He's worked as a staff attorney for the federal government and the state government. His bosses have told him what to do and what to argue."

One prominent ad mentions Cruz's previous case, which involved Manufacturer Jordan Fishman. It says, "lawyer Ted Cruz still defending a Chinese company that killed American jobs and stole intellectual property from an American businessman."

Cruz says this "China ad" is wrong on more than 11 counts.

Cruz said, "The man that David Dewhurst tells you is a 'manufacturer' - who he features in every one of these attack ads - what he doesn't tell you is that over 20 years ago is that he sent his entire factory to China, so this was never a lawsuit between an American company and a Chinese company; this is a lawsuit between two Chinese tire factories and it didn't impact even one US manufacturing job."

The Cruz campaign also says Dewhurst is supporting tax hikes, including a payroll tax.

"The bill was passed with an option that businesses could pay a revised franchise tax or a payroll tax or whatever was less," Dewhurst said. "I always opposed a payroll tax - you can ask Sen. Duncan."

Cruz stands by what has aired in his ads.

"The Wall Street Journal said the Dewhurst payroll tax was nothing more than a fancy disguise for a personal income tax which would have cost 40,000 jobs in Texas," Cruz said.

Ted Cruz says the Lt. Gov. is soft on illegal immigration. Dewhurst says he's always been against illegal immigration and says Cruz is the one who is guilty of supporting amnesty.

"Mr. Cruz was involved in a group that favored amnesty," Dewhurst said. "He sat on the board as the immigration advisor to the then Bush campaign for a pathway to citizenship; that's amnesty."

Cruz denies the allegations.

"Dewhurst amnesty would give a guest worker permit to every single illegal alien in the United States today," Cruz says.

Although both Republican candidates have many differences, they agree that change is needed in Washington, DC.

Early voting runs from Monday, July 23 through Friday, July 27. The official runoff takes place Tuesday, July 31.

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