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Consider This: Feds need a Sunset Commission

Is there really any doubt that the federal government is out of control? This fiscal year, Uncle Sam is on track to spend roughly $3.8 trillion.

Of that amount, roughly $1.3 trillion is borrowed money - left for our kids and grand kids to pay. And still the loudest cry is for more money, more spending, more entitlements, more pork barrel projects. 

Now let's compare that to Texas. State government is not perfect, but the spending is far more disciplined. It was tough, but lawmakers got us a balanced budget in the most recent session. 

Year in and year out, one of the biggest ingredients of that success is the legislature's Sunset Commission. Every few years, each and every agency - including the Department of Public Safety and TXDoT - must justify their existence to the Sunset Commission or the agency is eliminated.  The result is a government that is far less likely to have overlapping duties, duplicated efforts and other inefficiencies.

Consider this: 

It's about time for the federal government to create its own Sunset Commission.  There's no reason for 15 separate agencies to enforce food safety. There's no reason for 20 separate federal programs for homelessness. 

The risk is that we might have to lay off federal employees. The reward is that taxpayers get the government they rightly deserve - lean and effective.  

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