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A dentist in Muleshoe reminds parents to check fluoride levels in well water

Fluoride is a good thing in toothpaste and at the dentist's office.  But there's a different type of fluoride in water that can leave your teeth stained and decayed.  Dr. Robert Lepard is a dentist here in Muleshoe.  He says parents need to get their well water checked to make sure it has the right amount of fluoride to protect their children's teeth.

Dr. Lepard says, "People who live in the country have to rely on well water. Then end up with white stains on the teeth in mild fluorosis, and the moderate and severe fluorosis, you're going to see the brown and more unsightly pitted looking teeth.  Because the concern is it's a big deal between age zero and 6 with an emphasis in the first three years. I would contact your pediatrician or local dentist or community water supply."

From any of those places you can get the drops you need to give your well water the right balance of fluoride to protect your kid's teeth.

Sherry Embry says she grew up on well water that was never checked for high fluoride levels.  "It seemed like good water, and it tasted fine. Seemed like healthy, but it was doing a number on my teeth, and I didn't realize it at the time."

But Sherry has since restored her smile with porcelain veneers.  Dr. Lepard says there are many options today to brighten your smile...even bleaching away those water stains in one to three visits.

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