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Answers to Some of Your Fibromyalgia Questions

Thanks to many of you who watch and e-mail us with questions. We will try to answer a few today.

One viewer wondered whether or not you could develop fibromyalgia as the result of a fall. The simple answer is 'yes.' Falls or accidents can be the trigger which sets off the cascade of pain which is called fibromyalgia.
Fibromyalgia is a difficult syndrome to diagnose and to treat. One of the best descriptions I have come across is on the internet at:

Another query from a viewer concerned colon cancer screening for young people. This young person had symptoms that seemed to fit the description of polyps in the colon. Finances prevented going directly to a specialist. Texas Tech has a grant from the CH Foundation to screen for colon cancer without charge. Anyone interested in this screening should call the Wellness Center at 747-2102.

Another person is trying to lose weight on the Dr. Phil plan. She is interested in forming a support group with others in the area as Dr. Phil suggests. Support groups are such a good idea, especially when you are trying to lose weight. You can share successes and failures and know that there is someone else in the same boat. If there is someone out there interested in a Dr. Phil support group, e-mail your name and how you can be contacted to me, Kae Hentges at: Good luck!

One viewer is worried about the West Nile virus. She has Lupus and cannot use an insect repellent containing DEET. The best such product is put out by Avon but there are others. One problem is that those that do not contain DEET do not give protection for as long. If you are worried about using repellents with DEET, swear long sleeves and long pants and spray you clothing. While not ideal, it will give you some protection. For more information on insect repellents, call the National Pesticide Information Center at: 1-800-858-7378.

Thank you all for watching and keep those questions coming. We like to hear from you.

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