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United Blood Services In Critical Shortage

It'll be a sweet deal if you donate blood at United Blood Servives by Friday. Three words: free ice cream! From now until Friday, June 4th, it's give a pint of blood and you'll get a pint of Gandy's ice cream, your choice of chocolate strawberry or vanilla. In the process of getting a sweet, cool treat you'll be saving lives. 

Jim Phelps has been donating his blood since age 18. He calls it a quick, painless way to give back to the community. "It helps people out.  You see people in the hospital.. You never know when it's going to be your turn, when you'll need the blood."

Donna Hendricks sits back in the UBS recliners every two weeks to give platelettes and has no tolerance for common excuses. She says, "It really doesn't hurt that bad.  Just one little stick and you really don't feel it after that."

Unfortunately, people like Jim and Donna are rare. Only 5% of eligible donors actually donate and UBS is short on supply. Les Long, of United Blood Services says, "The last week of school everybody had so many activities at school that they couldn't find time to donate and then we went through Memorial Day weekend with increased travel and decreased donations.  So right now we're not able to keep up with the orders." 

That's why UBS is asking for the community's help, and giving blood is an immediate way you can become a hero. Les says, "When people come out and donate, they may not be doing it for a stranger.  They really could be doing it for their own kids or they could be in an accident themselves."  

If Lubbock's blood supply isn't rejuventated, it means hospitals have to postpone surgeries.  That's a problem that could be avoided if more people gave on a regualr basis. Les says, "Normally, our waiting room is the lonliest place in town."

UBS needs type "o" blood the most, but they really need all types. You can donate by showing up at UBS on 48th and University or you can make an appointment by calling (806) 741-1752.

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