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Lubbock Outreach Center Suffers Acts of Vandalism

The Bridge Outreach Center began three years ago with a mission: to bring the less fortunate help and hope. But for a center who assists others in picking up the pieces, after this weekend's events, the center is picking up some pieces of their own.

"We're talking about hundreds of people that have donated their time and service to the children whether it's their transportation, food, prayer have all been affected by what happened here this weekend," says Krista Burk with the ROC, Reaching Our Children.

For a center that does as much as they can for underprivileged families, what happened here is heartbreaking. Classroom windows were shattered to pieces and donated church buses suffered the brunt of the damage. "That will cost hundreds of dollars to fix in fact each windshield is over $250 to replace," says Burk.

Inside and out all four buses were damaged inside this bus, broken windows and vandals even went so far as to use its fire extinguisher to spray the inside. The generosity of others brought the buses to the center at to use for free to help transport hundreds of children to and from activities. Now the misdeeds of vandals have rendered them battered, broken and badly scarred. "You cannot imagine the prayer and the effort that goes into getting people to donate buses like this," says Burk.

And while malicious acts like these may be discouraging to some, volunteers at the center say it's what drives them to continue ministering to those who need it most. "That's why the bridge is here to try and provide some concrete constructive attention to help alleviate this problem," says Lisa Green with the center.

Lubbock police are currently investigating vandalism at the center. If you would like to make a donation or help out you can contact the center at (806) 687-0772.

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