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Consider This...Power outage forces boil water notice

On Saturday morning, many of us got a rude awakening when the power went out. And there is some legitimate criticism we can give Lubbock Power & Light. It was actually two pieces of equipment that failed simultaneously, not just one. If either piece had been working properly, the outage either would not have happened or it would have been less severe.

Consider this...

Once it happened, it was all hands on deck. Crews at LP&L worked feverishly to restore power. And they did. My real question is for the City of Lubbock, not LP&L.

Back in 1998, Lubbock suffered a city-wide, day-long black out. The back-up equipment for the water system must have worked just fine because at no time were citizens ask to boil water. This time, the back-up power system that maintains city water pressure failed to activate.

The result? A boil water notice that inconvenienced most of the city and cost local business thousands and thousands of dollars in lost business.

Equipment fails. I get that. But is there no system in place at the city to check if these things are working? I'd say that's pretty important. LP&L and their employees took a beating from social media websites, but I think the real criticism lies with the city's system of checks and balances.

Because it failed the entire city on Saturday. 

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