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Abernathy resident tells us his secret to staying young at 91

In Abernathy, everybody knows him as W.T. Settle. Born and raised here, he left for a while, but came back and bought a farm 55 years ago. Now, in his 90s, he's still out in the fields every day.  But that's not all that keeps W.T. in good health.

"I was born here on the farm, I think. My grandfather was a medical doctor, and he probably delivered me."   That was back in July of 1921.  W.T. Settle was born the 8th of 12 children.

He went to Texas Tech to study textile engineering, and made it all the way to his senior year. "I had 122 hours, but I quit. I didn't graduate."   That was when his dad died, W.T., in which he came back home to help the family.

Soon...he met Maxine Hooker. The woman he would marry for nearly 60 years. They bought this farm 55 years ago.   Along with cotton, W.T. still grows a big patch of black-eyed peas.  He also leaves a section of land for his cattle to graze.   

It's farming that takes a full day of work every day. "I get on a tractor occasionally."  With hardly an effort, he climbs up on this and drives it around…at age 91.

So, what is it that keeps Mr. Settle so young?  He's got a plan for good health, and it's working.  "I do something every day. For nine years, I been getting up, been walking two miles before the sun comes up in the morning for health reasons I guess. It keeps me thin."

But he says there's just one part of his plan that's not working like he wanted, and I guess there is still time.  'I like it here, but I'd like to have a woman to live with me.  I found some, but they all say no."

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