Abernathy's history with Hoppy

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - Snapshots of Abernathy over the years line the walls in Hoppy Toller's own personal museum. Toller is a lifelong Abernathy resident and has spent years gathering tokens of his town's past.

"I Graduated Tech in 1959 with a marketing degree, but if I could do it over, I'd major in History. History captures my attention and my imagination," Toller said.

Toller has enjoyed his hobby so much, that he wrote a book about the history of Abernathy called "Fifty Years on Main Street".

"We would sit around the coffee shop and tell stories and I would just kind of record it," Toller said.

Toller interviewed countless Abernathy residents to get a firsthand account of Abernathy throughout the years.

Abernathy came to be in 1909 with the building of the Santa Fe Railroad.

"It was founded M.G. Abernathy and Dr. M.C. Overton who bought a section of land and planted the town site on July 8th, 1909," Toller said.

In Toller's museum are countless collectibles and stories of Abernathy's humble beginnings.

"Everyone came to Abernathy on Saturday afternoon to do their shopping because the cars and the roads were not good enough to go to Lubbock," Toller said.

Story after story Toller can tell and he says he'll continue to take anyone who wants to go on a trip down Abernathy's memory lane.

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