Channel 6: Muleshoe news is a family's passion

MULESHOE, TX (KCBD) - Tucked inside the second floor of an ordinary home is the voice of Muleshoe news.  Magann Rennels, host of a local newscast "Muletrain", has taken a hold of the business her father started and run with it.

In 1954 Gil Lamb, Rennels father started a radio newscast in the upstairs of his Muleshoe home.

"My mother did it on Saturdays and daddy did it weekdays," said Rennels.

Using a New Mexico radio station, Lamb began the Muletrain and soon after switched stations to KMUL in Muleshoe.

"He had no idea what he was starting," Rennels said. A transformed second floor studio quickly became the hub of all things Muleshoe news.

Rennels began following in her father's footsteps at the age of 11 with her first self-written broadcast.

As the times changed so did the Muletrain. In spring of 1980, Lamb, Rennels and her husband decided to make the switch from radio to television. The Muletrain went live from the home's living room on cable access, Channel 6, and the rest was history.

Muletrain often features simple local news along with weather and high school sports updates. Over the years her three sons helped take on the family business and now even her grandchildren are making frequent appearances.

To this day Rennels and her family continue to bring Muleshoe their needed news.  Rennels claims, "This is my philosophy; any day can be a good day especially if you're riding the Muletrain with us."

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