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Lubbock residents still feeling aftermath of power outages

On Tuesday, Lubbock residents are still experiencing problems caused by the power outages this past weekend and on Monday. Many say their electronics and air conditioners stopped working because of all the power surges the last few days.

Lubbock's Arctic Air and Heating received between 30 to 50 calls just since Monday, all relating to the black out and sudden power outages. Working non-stop, one of their repairmen said the two problems they're seeing are the parts that turn the air off and on were fried during the surges, and they also say the circuit boards were damaged.

These repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, but it depends on the resident's insurance agency whether the damage will be covered.

During a live interview on KCBD's Daybreak Today, Mayor Glen Robertson says if residents feel they need to make a claim with the city they can do so by filling out a form.

Mayor Robertson says the reason behind the black out on Friday is because an old lightening arrestor went out, sending a power surge through out the system. While taking a look at the other arrestors, city workers found about 30 that need to be replaced or need repairs.

On Monday city workers attempted to replace one of those arrestors, and re-routed it's power to another line. When doing so, that line was over powered and caused a handful of power surges across Lubbock.

Mayor Robertson says they will now plan on repairing or replacing these arrestors at night, and that they will give a public notice on when it will happen to keep the community informed.

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